Media Hit | Tax

Plain Talk: Another report shows corporate taxes shrinking

A study of 265 profitable companies on the Fortune 500 list conducted by two nonprofit research organizations — Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy — found that the corporate tax payments to states have been shrinking precipitously in recent years. In 1980, corporate income taxes made up 9.7 percent of state revenues and now they make up only an estimated 5.7 percent.

Media Hit | Tax

Biz Beat: State firms named in tax avoidance report

A new report is out showing — once again — that the largest and most profitable U.S. corporations manage to skirt paying state and local income taxes.

Media Hit | Food

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Additives: You are what you eat

Additives in junk food are contributing to the growing obesity and diabetes crisis, but each year, our tax dollars pay for enough corn syrup and other junk food additives to buy each taxpayer 19 Twinkies, but only a quarter of one Red Delicious apple. "If you want to know why junk food is so cheap, now you know," said Bruce Speight, director of Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group.

WI State Journal: Some toys can pose hidden or potential dangers

The Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group's 26th annual Trouble in Toyland report, released Tuesday, encouraged parents not to buy balloons for children under 8 because they present a potential choking hazard.

WI Radio Network: Still trouble in toyland

An advocacy group says parents should not buy balloons for kids under eight, as they can be a serious choking hazard if they’re popped. That was just one of the warnings for holiday shoppers put out by the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group (WISPIRG). The group held a news conference to unveil its 26th annual danger list called “Trouble in Toyland.”


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