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Popular children's toys, including Playmobil play figures, are on a list of 650 brand name products containing two hormone-disrupting chemicals, according to a report released Tuesday.

The report, "Poison in Paint, Toxics in Toys," was issued by the Environmental Health Strategy Center based on chemical use reports submitted by product manufacturers under a new state chemical safety law passed in Maine.

The toys and other products on the list contain BPA, bisphenol A, already banned in baby bottles and sippy cups, while the paint products on the list contain NPEs, or nonylphenol ethoxylates.

Both substances mimic the sex hormone estrogen, with BPA shown to harm brain development, behavior and the prostate gland, while NPEs may harm reproduction and development.

The report is being publicized here by WISPIRG, the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group.

"Toxic chemicals have no place being in children's products," said WISPIRG director Bruce Speight in a news release. "Parents have the right to know if they are exposing their children to toxic chemicals in toys, household cleaning products and other consumer items."

Most of the toys and children's products on the BPA list found here  are Playmobil products, with others from Chicco and SpyNet.

Paint products on the NPE list include Glidden and Behr and a host of other brands, also found on the website above.

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